Home inspection….Blog?

by: Inspect TN

My lovely marketing and website person has asked me to write a blog. Now I have lots of ideas and witty banter to write about, but not necessarily about doing home inspections. I love doing them and I love the idea behind it, it’s just not a very exciting topic to write a blog about. I think the reason for that is that people in general associate home inspections and inspectors as the bearer of bad news, which sometimes we are. I remember when I got MY home inspection done. I couldn’t bring myself to read the report because all I could think about was the money it was going to take to fix the house I was buying. I knew even though I would be doing the work myself and that I was making a great investment (foreclosure property) that I was going to see dollar signs the entire time I was reading the report. I believe the stigma comes from that way of thinking. Hopefully I can use this blog and other social media platforms to change that way of thinking. I will try and make a conscious effort to not only show the bad parts of the inspections, but to also show when things are done correctly and most importantly SAFELY. Because I believe that the home inspection business is just as much a safety business as it is a protection of your single biggest investment. I promise that this blog will not be the same as any other home inspection blog. I will make it as much fun and educational as I possibly can. You can follow me on Facebook @InspectTN ,twitter at Inspect_TN, and on youtube @InspectTN. I promise it will not be stuffy, boring, or sad. Now that wasn’t so bad. I may start to like this “blogging” racket.

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